Thursday, April 30

Vinca in Her Hair...


  Tomorrow's weather is going to be rainy, so we spent a lot of time out-of-doors today.  Our yard is bursting with spring-time blooms and I was enchanted when Sugar Plum wandered over with vinca flowers woven through her braid.  I just love this girl!  She has her ninth (!) birthday coming up at the end of May and has requested an April Cornell dress.  I found one on clearance and already have it tucked away.  I cannot wait to give it to her!

I am so happy that one of my blog readers, Emmie (make sure that you check out her wonderful blog!), mentioned that Cheryl Mendelson was the author of a few fiction books in the comment box.  I ordered a used copy of Morningside Heights last week and have been enjoying it a lot.  Mendelson is a great writer!



Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying it! There is also a sequel I think? I love the vinca in your daughter's hair. Lovely.

author said...

There's a dress that's actually called "sugar plum"

MamaBirdEmma said...

Oh, I didn't the the Sugar Plum dress until you mentioned it! It's so pretty!

Katya said...

The dress is beautiful!! She will love it! What a classy girl :) My big girl is going to have a birthday this month, too!

elizabeth said...

oh, that's so sweet!!! :))))

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