Sunday, April 12

Our Pascha....

Christ is Risen!  It has been such a nice day.  Holy Week flew by and towards the end, there was just no time to do everything that I wanted (or needed!) to do.  It was kind of a relief to just throw out all of my to do lists just before I walked through the door for Nocturns at 11:30 pm. 

We had a very nice early dinner this afternoon, so I wasn't too surprised when the children were hungry again just before I tucked them in.  I made them one of our favorite warm weather meals:  little plates of sliced ham, cheese, boiled egg, yogurt, pickles, and strawberries...  easy, quick, and filling!

I'm not too sure what adventures Bright Week will hold for us, but I know that it is going to be wonderful!  We'll take a little break from school and Father John will be able to step back a little from church responsibilities and work.  For now though, it is time to catch up on some sleep! 


P.S  Those perfect little monastic dolls in our children's Pascha baskets are the work of the talented Rebeca Groover of Pearl and Poppy!


Flambeaux said...

Christos anesti!

Unknown said...

Christ is risen! Beautiful dolls! Sarah @ The Orthodox Mama


Rebeca is my DIL, she does museum-quality work! Your blog is lovely. I would like to "follow" you☺️

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