Saturday, April 4

Lazarus Saturday...

By raising Lazarus from the dead before Thy passion,
Thou didst confirm the universal Resurrection, O Christ God!
Like the children with the palms of victory,
We cry out to Thee, O Vanquisher of death;
Hosanna in the Highest!
Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Lord! 


My first trip to the farmers' market this year yielded a bounty of riches in the form of   French pussy willows, a variety of daffodils, and lenten roses.  As much as I love the two little vases of flowers cheering up our playroom and my bedside table, the pussy willows are really the star of the show.  Our littlest plucked a fat catkin off the branch and kept it in his hot little hand for the whole of Liturgy this morning.  We'll be making fingerprint pussy willows for our Palm Sunday church school lesson and I'll read a little of Christ Has Risen, Children! to our little friends tomorrow.  Seven days until Pascha! 


Michelle M. said...

Did you have the children paint as well? That is really pretty.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Yes, the children all made their own... I was just seeing how it would work/making a sample to show them what they would have to do.

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