Monday, April 20

It Matters...


You can tell a child a thousand times to go make the world beautiful, but I don’t know how he is to believe you without watching it done. Whether your art takes a traditional form like music or painting, or whether you are an artist in chemistry, cooking, gardening, politics, or befriending the lonely, that part of you still matters. It matters for your children to see that it matters, too."

Rebecca Reynolds 


We planted daffodils this past autumn and are really enjoying their slow emergence this month.  I picked a few stems for my bedside table this evening and love how very fragrant they are.  I see a lot of older farmhouses in our area with banks of daffodils in their front yard and in their fields and love to imagine generations of  mothers and children tucking dry bulbs in the earth for years and years of families to enjoy.  


elizabeth said...

lovely and lovely quotation!!!

(good thing I checked your feed, it did not show up in my reader today :( )

I must say I often find myself thinking that you find the most interesting and quotable books to read!

Jen said...

I needed this quote today! Thanks for the reminder of Story Warren as well. That was one site that had completely dropped off my radar somehow. :)


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