Wednesday, March 10

Lenten Cleaning: Halfway through Great Lent...

My new computer set-up on one of the kitchen counters... I don't have a desk, and I am so excited to get all of my stuff off of the dining room table!

Though I got a little derailed last week with a doctor appointment that became an all day event, my birthday, and two visits from family, I only have a little bit to catch up on with my cleaning. I have a feeling that I will fall behind again this week due to some beautiful weather that is calling us all outside to play, but that is okay with me!

March 4th: Living Room
March 5th: Craft Cupboard
March 6th: Saturday
March 7th: Sunday
March 8th: Dining Room
March 9th: Baseboards
March 10th: Windows
March 11th: Glass Doors
March 12th: Kitchen
March 13th: Saturday

How is your cleaning coming?


Kate said...

Better but still not great. My vacuum cleaner broke down and I've been waiting for parts for a week now. My floors are horrible!! :)

elizabeth said...

beautiful picture!

I cleaned my small apartment this past weekend... have dishes to do again though! :)

kyrie said...

You are amazing! I have not even done all the kitchen things I was hoping to do so far. I've done some, but haven't managed to catch up yet. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully a productive one!

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