Monday, March 1

Commitment to Loveliness: No. 53...

It's time for another Commitment to Loveliness! This is a fun way to increase femininity and beauty in our lives each week without even trying! All you have to do is choose five things that you would like to work on or do during the week that will increase the loveliness in your life!

Here is my list for this week:

1. Moisturize! I've been battling dry, cracked hands all winter long. They are so rough, I don't want to stroke my children's cheeks with my sandpaper hands!
2. Keep up with laundry and dishes. When these two things are under control, the house looks fabulous - even if there are other things lying about.
3. Fix my hair and put on a little makeup each day.
4. Catch up on my Lenten Cleaning List. I'd also like to finish the tasks for this week early since we will be gone all day Thursday and my birthday is on Friday.

5. Grumble and sigh less!

Once you have chosen five simple things, post them on your blog and let us know in the comments section. If you do not have a blog, but have a commitment to share, please post them in the comments section.


elizabeth said...

nice!! Yes, laundry and dishes do make a huge difference!

Anne said...

I'm working on keeping cheerful too. :)

Here is my commitment.

amy said...

Thank you for this inspiration, Mat. Emily! I've posted my list tonight:

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