Sunday, August 13

Iceburg Roses in the Rain

We bought several rose bushes in June in honor of our twelfth wedding anniversary, which I planted the bushes in large pots on the patio.  I chose five different varieties, but the Iceberg roses have been our most prolific bush. These flowers are not only abundant, but the blooms hardly fade away before more buds appear.  I have always loved roses, but it has really shocked me to find that I truly enjoy tending our bushes.  I especially adore how they look with raindrops glistening on their petals.


author said...

Do they require much care? You don't have a problem with pests? I bought 5 Knock Out rose bushes believing that they would be pest free and care free, but something is eating all the leaves! I'm so disappointed. They looked beautiful in the spring all covered in roses, but now they just look like sticks.

obscure said...

I don't think I've ever seen iceberg roses! They're gorgeous, they look like little peonies!

Mat. Anna said...

How beautiful! I've always loved roses and never had any. I am helpless with plants. I'm not intending to plant anything at the house we're currently renting, but after we move I will plant flowers in various places. I would really like to have some roses amongst them.

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