Thursday, January 7


Witticisms from our five year-old:

"There's three important things in life: love the Lord, love the Church, and do everything good."


Our son's godmother generously dropped off a giant rubbermaid tote of Legos that her son has outgrown at my father-in-law's house. Our children were very excited about taking a peek in the box, so we put it in the trunk and just before I cracked open the lid for them to see the treasures inside, Button said, "I have a good feeling about this!"

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Christine said...

Children say the cutest things!
I gave my daughter a book FULL of her children's funny sayings, for Christmas.
I had gathered them from her (she'd text them to me) all year. Actually, it's been two years now.
We all get a kick out of reading it over and over!

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