Tuesday, January 12

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...

Church in the Home
We're starting to gear up for the March for Life next Friday!  We'll be joining our fellow  Orthodox Christians for Life on the National Mall in Washington D.C.  I hope to see you there!

 My brother-in-law is a huge Star Wars fan and so we decided to go on a double date with him and his wife as his birthday gift.  It was good (and this is from someone who really dislikes futuristic/sci-fy books and movies)!  I have a feeling that Star Wars will probably be something that our children will be interested in the the coming years, so I better get with the program!
On My Beside Table
I borrowed The Light Between Oceans from the library on Thursday afternoon and enjoyed reading it.  It's the tragic tale of a lighthouse keeper and his wife living on an isolated island.  Tom and Isabel suffer two miscarriages and a stillbirth in the first years of their marriages, and while still grieving, she hears a baby's cry.  They end up finding a boat washed ashore carrying a dead man and a living baby.  It was quite a gripping tale.

In the Knitting Basket
It was very exciting to finish up my Palmyre Shawl last week.  I wanted to complete it before we returned to school and it turned out that with our lessons came cold weather and gales this week.  A warm shawl has certainly come in handy!  Now that that is off my needles, I have cast on to a little scarf for my middle son.  He has wanted one for awhile and with two skeins of  Great Gray Owl yarn on my shelves, it seemed like a good time to work on one.  He wanted something plain and so I looked through masculine patterns and selected a few that I would be willing to knit.  He chose The Men's Basic Hat and Scarf Pattern and I am about half way through.  It is a very easy knit and is nice to work on when my mind is on other things...  like lessons!  I will probably cast on for another for our littlest fellow next!

I forget what rabbit hole lead me to the blog, In the Fields, but it is now a firm favorite.  I love Catherine's decorating aesthetic and have enjoyed looking back into the archives.  My favorite posts were the ones on how she spruced up their rental home inexpensively to reflect her style. 


DJL said...

Dear Emma,
Thank you for the tip about In the Fields. I am swooning over those rental house pictures. She certainly has an eye for understated elegance. I look forward to digging into the archives.
Have a nice day,

Jo said...

I'm an Orthodox Christian living just outside DC, and I'd like to bring my 11 month old to the march for life. I can't find any updated info about it (time, meeting location, etc.) The link you posted is from last year. Do you know where some updated info is? Thanks! (I'd also like to share the info with my parish.)
Jo Anna

Unknown said...

Hi Emma, I sent you a very long e-mail but it came back undelivered. Do you have a new e-mail contact? Thanks! -New Mom (Himilce)

MamaBirdEmma said...

HI Himilce! My email address is ejparsells(at)gmail(dot)com. Hope to hear from you soon!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Jo Anna! I am pretty disappointed that the website was not updated! The March for Life is on Friday, January 22 and begins on the National Mall with a Rally at 12. Orthodox Christians for Life have a huge banner and lots of smaller icon banne4a. In the pasr, the have met up on the left side of the stage (if you are facing the stage). The Rally is also quite close to the Natural History Museum which makes it helpful with little ones. We went to the museum during the rally and then waited outside for the OCL to come past us... it took about 2 hours to get moving, so the march itself began about 2pm. Let me know if you have any other questions! My husband is going to contact the Web administration for the OCL website to get them to update.

Martha said...

I wish we were nearer to the March for Life to come out and show our support. ♥ Thank you for doing this!

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