Monday, December 28

Three French Hens...

But the fact that Christmas Day falls in the dreariest time of the year, highlights its impact.  We are usually in the grip of winter's cold, early darkness, frost, and snow, and all the ills that they bring.  Doubly precious, therefore, are our domestic comforts - a blazing fire, sustaining food, the comfort of friends and, at the end of the day, a warm bed"

Miss Read
Forward of A Country Christmas


We participated in a little Christmas pageant today after Liturgy and it was wonderful.  We used a very simple script that a parishioner had written for a different parish and created costumes that we had on hand from our dress up collections and recycling bins.  The result was so beautiful!  The children took it very seriously and the parish really liked the performance!

On Saturday night, I whipped up Ina Garten's delicious cranberry apple cake before Vespers.  I had seen a few people baking it for their Christmas festivities and it looked like something that would be wonderful for coffee hour, so I saved a cup-and-a-half  of cranberries from our cranberry starfruit garland to use in the cake. I had a little sliver of it last night while I watched the Call the Midwife Christmas Special and it was very tasty .  I imagine that it would be just the ticket with a mug of tea on a cold winter morning.  I brought this one to coffee hour, but I'll make another as soon as I can!


elizabeth said...

oh that I do!!!

Katya said...

That cranberry/brown sugar photo is so enticing!!!

Unknown said...

it looks very nice :)
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