Saturday, December 26

Two Turtle Doves...

Annie's addition to the household was certainly a blessing, as Miriam soon discovered.  By the time she arrived on Tuesday morning, Miriam had put Eileen and Lovell's bedroom to rights, had changed sheets, put out fresh soap and towels, and even found a few sprigs of yellow winter jasmine to put in a little vase by Eileen's bed."

No Holly for Miss Quinn
Miss Read


It was a nice quiet second day of Christmas!  We slept in a little and had a nice breakfast, before spending most of the day outside.  The children each received a bow and arrow set and I think that it was their favorite gift!  They borrowed a saw horse from the shed and tied an old throw-away pan to it to it to use as a bulls eye.  They are really getting good, but their little fingers are sore from shooting!

I saw someone on Instagram stringing cranberries and dried starfruit for their birds and I decided to copy them.  It was such a fun activity to do this afternoon!  We also hung up the dried oranges and greenery that adorned a parcel of surprise presents sent from my friend, Ira.  It looks so festive outside our dining room window!  I think that we have a new tradition to enjoy every year!



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