Friday, December 18

The Twelve Days of Christmas...

We love celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas in our family and this year I have started to plan some simple ways to make each day extra special.  In addition to these fun activities, we will be listening to our copy of Martin & Sylvia's Twelve Days of Christmas Story Collection from Sparkle Stories.  Though I've numbered the activities below, I'm just going to take each day as it comes after Christmas Day and pick what works with what we're up to.

1.  Christmas Day
2.  Winterfest of Lights or Car Ride to Look at Lights
3.  Milkshakes
4.  Open a New Christmas book
5.  Cookie Baking
6.  Christmas for the Birds
7.  Breakfast Out
8.  Ice Skating
9.  Create Gingerbread Houses
10.  Little Women Viewing
11.  Bubble Bath
12.  New Calendars

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