Tuesday, December 15

All is Bright...


After four years, we finally hung curtains up in the playroom.  Though they are a bit old-fashioned looking, I like that the lace still lets in plenty of light but gives us a bit more privacy.  The room feels a little different now, but the over-all effect is nice!

I've done almost all of my Christmas shopping online this year and it has made things much easier.  The mailman has been busy bringing me parcels and as they arrive, I have been wrapping things and stowing pretty packages in the nooks and crannies in our bedroom closet.  It has been a lot more relaxing than in past years.

We are planning to get our Christmas tree on Sunday and will try to go to a local tree farm and cut a fresh one.  I cannot wait!  Father John always decorates our tree so nicely (we trade off when it is time to put the ornaments away) and this year I plan to have more twinkle lights than ever before!  


elizabeth said...

bring on the twinkle lights!!! :)

it's so nice when the tree is up, can't wait to see yours!


the curtains look elegant and perfect!

Nancy said...

Dear Emma, have come to your blog through Fiona's How to be Chic, and had to comment on the glimpse of Papa's Wife ... one of my very favorites! A blessed Christmas to you!
Warmly, Nancy

DJL said...

Dear Emma,
I think those curtains are lovely. I have shopped online for my Christmas gifts for a long time. I cannot imagine going store to store anymore when Amazon.com makes it so easy! We also have cut our own tree for the past 3 years. What a difference it makes. The tree stays fresh for so long. When its time to take it down, we tie it up outside by our bird feeder so the birds can harbor in it through the winter months.
Merry Christmas,

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