Wednesday, January 28

Yarn Along: Redux...

I finished up my pretty little Riverbank cowl the other night and am blocking it as I type this.  I needed another project on my needles and decided to use up the last little bit of the ink colorway on a hat for one of my baby nephews.  I'm hoping that it will fit Sebastian first so that when it gets too small for him, Sampson will be able to wear it.  We'll see.  

2015 is the year where I try to conquer some of my knitting fears and it seems to me that the best way to do that might be to knit some crazy hats with short rows, cables, and charts (my three biggest fears in order).  This hat is going to be a Garter Ear Flap Hat and the main challenge is to learn how to do short rows.  I'm not a huge fan of double pointed needles, so my hope is that by working on hats I can get more comfortable with them.  There may be a few panicked phone calls to my sister in the near future.  Sorry, Kate!

I am reading North and South.  I only have it on the Kindle app on my phone (it's a free download), but I am looking for a nice copy of it for my shelf.  I think that it is one of those books that needs to be re-read every few years (or in my case every few months).  It is that good.

What are you up to?

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

good books are such a blessing!

oh, that is a cute hat!!! all the best with it!!

And good for you for courage in knitting!!! :)))

your sister is wonderful! :)

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