Friday, January 30

Wanted on Voyage...

It's nice having a bear about the house.”

Michael Bond
A Bear Called Paddington

For months we have been looking forward to seeing Paddington on the silver screen and so we went this afternoon as a family.  He is one of our favorite characters (we've read most of the books) and Little Man has a stuffed Paddington that he sleeps with most nights.  The movie did not disappoint (though there are a few sad/scary scenes, so be cautious with your young ones)!  We've decided to revisit the story for our bedtime reading for the next week or so.

This weekend will be busy (lots of house blessings, lots of services) but we will be making time for some candle rolling, Irish Soda Bread baking, and cross weaving.  Can you believe that it is nearly February? 


elizabeth said...

how lovely! Yay for good books for children!! Blessings in all the busyness of this season!

Anonymous said...

I always admire your knitting projects. I can't seem to figure out how to knit with circular needles (I can't figure out how to joint he stitches, and then I can't figure out how to keep the stitches from turning around the needle and making my life difficult). Do you have any suggestions what I should read that might help me out? Maybe I should just find a Youtube video... I also have trouble putting something down and finding my place when I pick it back up. Sigh!

And where do you find your patterns? Do you have a book?

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