Saturday, January 3

Ten Lords-A-Leaping...

Look!  There are the pink roses again!  I'm sorry that I keep taking photos of them, but they get better every day and I just cannot help myself.  

Things I Like (besides the flowers on my dining room table):
2.  Dangly Earrings
3.  Twinkle Lights
4. Warm Slippers
5. That Downton Abbey's season five premiers tomorrow!


elizabeth said...

I love twinkle lights! and I seriously was thinking when I saw this post, wow, I want to know where to get such nice Roses!!! :))))) They are wonderful and I am LOVING seeing them daily! :)

Warm slippers are such a wonderful 'must have' in winter! a real blessing!

MA F said...

I have been enjoying those roses too!

Christine said...

We both have several same "likes".
You know where I'll be Sunday night!

Laura said...

I can never get enough of pink roses, personally! :)

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