Monday, March 17

The Last Hurrah...

I am beginning to think that I could probably live in Alaska and be quite happy.  I'm not tired yet of snow (to be fair, we've only had three or four snow days and today's was by far the most significant with around five inches), gathering round the fire, knitting, reading, bundling up, or oatmeal.  

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday, but I knew that there were cold days ahead, so I dug up a little pot of shamrocks from the lawn and cut a few branches from the Thundercloud Plum trees that were just starting to show some life.  Hopefully they will brighten things up in the playroom for the next week or so.  

We have literally two logs left for the fireplace and I don't think that we will get any more wood this season.  That makes me sad...  especially since we are covered in snow.  Maybe I'll get a little $5 bundle before we really close things down.

It's Button's namesday tomorrow!  I can't wait!  He's going to love his gifts this year!


elizabeth said...

how beautiful!
Alaska....well, I considered moving there years ago when the job search was hard, even had an interview, but when I figured out how far away and how expensive it is (everything costs more as it takes so much fuel to get there), how costly it is to fly, etc, I declined the interview.

anyway, the pictures you took of the snow are so beautiful, anyone would think that! and I DO LOVE snow!! esp. if it is sunny!!!

happy names day to Button!!! love to you! :)

author said...

I love those pretty curtains!

Martha said...

I agree with you completely, I ♥ the snow! I hope your son has a wonderful namesday tomorrow...God grant him many years. Today is my daughter Olivia's namesday!

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