Friday, March 14

Good Days and Hard Days...

Wednesday was  a good day:  we got all of our schoolwork done, went to art class to paint like Rothko, and even went out to lunch for soup, salad, and bread for our weekly Reading Club (basically they eat while I read-aloud...  though that sounds lame, it is really a lot of fun and I want to write about that soon!)

We have a young parish.  We have  lots of baptisms and weddings and happy times, but since just before Great Lent began, we have had four people in our community die (independent of one another!).  It has been sad.  After yesterday's funeral, Little Man asked Father John why so many people were dying.  Our little ones have been to funerals before, but they were so long ago that I'm not sure that they even remember them.  Today we have a burial and tomorrow we have another funeral and burial.  

We decided last night that we would take the opportunity to take the children to a science museum this afternoon between services and it felt strange to be looking up information for that when the reason that we have the chance to go to a museum is such a sad one.  In the end though, I think that Miss Jane would have been happy that we are bringing our children to her funeral and will also show them a little bit of the city where she lived and worked during her life.  She was such a cool lady.  You would never guess from the red polished toes peeking out from her peep-toed espadrille sandals, but she was an FBI agent!  She retired to the beach and had great stories to tell!  These last few years were really hard on her...  she had cancer that just kept coming back and really suffered.  Memory Eternal!


Please remember the newly departed Gregory, Ann, Alexandra, and Eugenia in your prayers!


elizabeth said...

It is hard and so sudden to have 4 people gone! Lord have mercy! Great Lent can be a really hard time sometimes. My husband and I are praying for you and will add all 4 to our list (we had two on already). Memory Eternal! and sending you a big ((((HUG))))

Mimi said...

Memory Eternal.
I have had the same experience with this year - my grandmother, a man in our parish, our maid of honor, two friends' grandmothers, my co-worker's sister, and a dear friend's daughter's father-in-law since the beginning of the year.

Helen said...

May your parishoners rest in peace.

It is certainly not lame that you have your Reading Club: what a great name! I have been thinking lately of doing exactly the same thing with my young children - a good book (the unabridged Pinocchio at the moment, which they love!) and lunch at the local cafe or with afternoon tea at the beach. I will do it and I will steal your Reading Club name. Thanks, Emily!

Courtney said...

So sorry for your community's losses. You'll be in my prayers!

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