Sunday, March 23

Copywork: Annunciation...

  I spend a little time each week looking for interesting things for my children to write in their copybooks, usually based upon a theme.  I will post them here each week as a record for myself and as a help to any other family that wishes to use them.

This week, I will be asking the children to work on copying the troparion for the feast of the Annunciation, which falls on March 25th.  We will write it on nice paper and work on it slowly throughout the week.  Once it is all written, we will decorate the paper and hang their work up in a prominent spot.  
Today is the beginning of our salvation,
The revelation of the eternal mystery!
The Son of God becomes the Son of the Virgin
As Gabriel announces the coming of Grace.
Together with him let us cry to the Theotokos:
Rejoice, O Full of Grace,
The Lord is with Thee!

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