Friday, January 3

The Ninth Day of Christmas...

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning!  There was only an inch or two on the ground, but since it had rained before turning to snow, everything was covered in ice underneath.  It was so beautiful!  Though I think everything was basically cleared on the roads by the afternoon, we stayed in.  The children got to play outside which was a huge thrill...  I think that they will sleep well tonight!

After Christmas, I ordered some cashmere gloves and it was nice to receive them today.  They are longer than most (though I don't really think that they would reach to the elbow even on a shorter-armed woman) which is perfect for me because I have long arms and big hands.  For the first time ever, I will have warm wrists!  It is so exciting!  If you need some, order quickly.

For my knitting friends, have you seen the mystery knit-along?  I am planning on giving it a go.  It looks like so much fun!

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