Tuesday, January 7

Ask Father: Holy Water...

Q.  Does holy water have magical powers?
A.  No.  But it is matter that is “spirit-bearing” which brings the blessing of God, cleansing, healing, and can be used for every purpose that is expedient.

Q.  Where should I keep the holy water?
A.  Some keep the holy water in their icon corner and others in the refrigerator.

Q.  When should I drink holy water?
A.  When you feel a spiritual need,  that is when you find yourself strongly tempted; feel in an evil way; are about to set out on a journey; will miss the divine services; before a difficult encounter; in illness, afflictions, etc..  It is the custom of some pious people to take a drink of holy water the first thing every day before they eat or drink anything else (not on days when they receive Holy Communion).

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