Friday, January 24

Perfect Day...

Today's lunch was salmon, sweet potatoes, and salad with a blood orange cut up on top.  It was a simple meal to make, but everyone enjoyed it so much.  Please notice the miniscule amount of salmon on my plate.  I need to remember to buy more than a pound of fish for our family.  No one got as much as they wanted!  

I am still s-l-o-w-l-y working my way through the Follow Your Arrow Knit Along, but it is hard and so I've cast on to a Grasshopper Wrap for a little relief.  Hopefully I'm not going to make myself crazy with two things on the needles.

I had a little giftcard to iTunes and have been freshening up my music by adding things from my wishlist.  One song that I love is called Perfect Day by Miriam Stockley and was in the closing credits of the BBC version of The Beatrix Potter Collection.  It's been playing on repeat all day.

Have a good night!


Dianna said...

We like that song too (and those beautiful movies)!

elizabeth said...

nice! to even try the mystery knit along is a feat! I am hoping to make socks soon but I have a feeling that the pattern you are doing in this knit along is a lot harder than the sock pattern I hope to learn! :)

been thinking of you!

what a nice lunch you made!! :)

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