Thursday, July 4

Living and Learning: July...

Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco
Saint Elisabeth the New Martyr
Saint Seraphim of Sarov
Joy of All Who Sorrow
Saint Jacob of Alaska

Black Raspberries!
Make s’mores over an open fire
Make a flag cake 
Visit farm stands and Farmer's Markets
Eat breakfast outside  
Begin a list of books to order for school (2nd Grade and Kindergarten) 
Prepare for Auntie Juliana's Wedding
Plan for Auntie Kate's Visit
Finish my Cowl

Knit a Baby Sweater
Read Royal Monastic

Independence Day

Books List
Tomie DePaola 26 Fairmont Avenue Books 

Morning Outside Play in the Shade
Afternoon Water Play
Evening Walk

Special Days
Father John's Ordination Anniversary - 1st
Button's Hospital Homecoming - 1st
Grandmama – 2nd
Sugar Plum’s Baptism Anniversary Day – 2nd
Independence Day – 4th

Sugar Plum’s Namesday – 5th
Uncle Nic – 8th
Grandpapa – 11th
Uncle Peter - 13th
Grandpapa's Ordination Anniversary - 13th
Full Thunder Moon – 22nd
Uncle Peter – 26th
Nathan - 29th

Practice patience and love towards one another  
Learn a new Blessing for Meals without a Priest Present  
Learn The Sign of the Cross for Button
 Tidy bedrooms each morning    
Sidewalk Chalk  
Visit the Beach  
Snap!  (Card Game)  
Use Nature Guides (Butterflies, Bugs, Shells, and Birds)  
Enjoy the Summer Reading Program at the Library
Setting and Clearing the Table

Nature table scene and book basket
Visit the pool as much as possible
Catch fireflies
Have picnics
Attend concerts and performances weekly
Watch Thunder and Lightning storms
Boardwalk rides!
Take advantage of free movies at the theater

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