Thursday, July 4

Independence Day!

Suddenly the day seemed really Fourth of July.  Ma made sandwiches, Pa blacked his boots, Laura and Carrie hurriedly dressed up."

Little Town on the Prairie
Laura Ingalls Wilder


I really want to celebrate Independence Day this year!  We'll have a BBQ with chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, and a flag cake.  I'm hoping to rustle up some sparklers and we'd like to go to see fireworks tonight.  I'm sure that we'll spend a bit of time in the pool and it would be great to go to a Fourth of July parade that they have nearby.  What are you up to today?


elizabeth said...

Sounds lovely! We are home on a sunny morning here, with husband doing paperwork and I hope to do some knitting! :) :) Blessed day to you!

Jane G Meyer said...

We are JUST waking up and excited for a fun day. I'll be baking this morning, and later this afternoon we'll go down to the beach to be a part of the crowd to watch the fireworks. My daughter will be singing at the beach event, so we'll root her on and enjoy some time with family and our broader Santa Barbara community. Happy 4th everyone!

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