Tuesday, October 11

Lovely Links...

  • Button now has an amber necklace! It is from Inspired By Finn and we really like the quality!
  • Check out these red wool mittens! Martinmas, perhaps?
  • Speaking of Martinmas, aren't these lanterns beautiful? I have a lovely bit of golden wool felt tucked away that would look great as a string of lanterns. I just have to get my iron back from the church (it was used to remove wax) to press the creases.
  • We're stocking up on these beeswax votive candles again this autumn. They burn well and make the house so cozy in the evenings.
  • I really enjoyed these two posts: Add Classic Style to the Small Wardrobe and The Style Guide: Comfortably Dressy
  • I really want to eat a BLT. Right now. :)
  • Send me to the links you are enjoying right now!

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    Mimi said...

    Happy Martinmas!

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