Friday, October 14

Feminine Friday: Add Classic Style to the Small Wardrobe...

Earlier this week I read an article on Small Notebook entitled Add Classic Style to the Small Wardrobe. As I have written about before, I really like having a small wardrobe. Every few months, I try to inventory what I have and over the course of the season I try to save up for one or two items to add to my wardrobe. I really enjoyed reading about the clothing and accessories that Rachel brought on her trip to Italy (she was there for winter and spring). I thought that it would be fun to list the things that I have in my cold weather wardrobe.

4-5 Long sleeve Shirts
5 Tank Tops for Layering
3 Sweaters or Cardigans

French Walnut Corduroy Trousers
Dark Mahogany Corduroy Trousers
Denim Skirt
Acorn Wool Skirt
Chocolate Wool Skirt

Rain Coat
Wool Car Coat
Wool Scarf, Hat, and Gloves

Black Boots
Rain Boots
Stockings, Tights and Warm Socks

2 Scarves: Violet and Chocolate
Handbag: Camel Leather handbag
Jewelery: Drop Earrings, Cross, Wedding Band and Engagement Ring

Things to Add:
Fleece Jacket for Chilly Mornings and Cold Evenings
Sheepskin Boots
Kitten-Heeled Mary Janes
Amber Necklace

Here are some blogs that I look to for fashion inspiration:

MaiTai's Picture Book
Cupcake Caramel
The Vivienne Files

Do you have any favorite fashion blogs? What is on your list of Autumn Must Haves?

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