Friday, October 28

Festal Learning Basket: The Archangel Michael...

Commemorated November 8th

Host a Saint Michael's Party and dress up as Angels or Saints (We do this on the Sunday closest to the feast)
Serve Blackberries: Blackberry Tea, Blackberry Jam, Fresh Blackberries over Waffles, Blackberry Pie or Cobbler, or Add Blackberries to a Salad
Add a special candle to your table to eat dinner by during the autumn
Prepare a feastday shelf with an icon of the Archangel Michael or any other Angels
Purchase Pots of Michaelmas Daisies to Decorate With


Maria said...

Curious about the blackberries?

MamaBirdEmma said...

According to an old Irish folk tale, blackberries were supposed to have been harvested and used up by this date, too, since it is told to children that when Satan was kicked out of Heaven, he landed in a bramble patch -- and returns each year to curse and spit on the fruits of the plant he landed on, rendering them inedible thereafter. So a dessert with blackberries would be perfect.

Mama Bear said...

One more idea: Learn the St. Micheal song and prayer on the CD "Garden of the Theotokos".
It's a great one for children to memorize... we sing it on car trips and the kids learned it so fast!

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