Tuesday, October 25

The Ordinary Arts: The Creative Arts...


Flowers through the window

lavender and yellow

changed by white curtains-
smell of cleanliness-

sunshine of late afternoon-
on the glass tray

A glass pitcher, the tumbler
turned down, by which

a key is lying- And the
immaculate white bed.

- William Carlos Williams


I am the first to admit that ordinary household chores can seem dreary and mundane. I mean, who really wants to scrub a potty? Homemaking is more than endless cleaning though. It is a creative art. It is rosy red apples in a bowl, the sheen of freshly polished wood, the smell of newly laundered sheets, a messy pile of books left on the couch, a jar of flowers from the garden, a mound of bath toys drip-drying on the side of the tub, coffee brewing, and curtains blowing in the breeze.

Someday, I will finally learn how to knit. I will take the photography course I have always wanted to take. I will learn how to bake and decorate a fancy cake. For now though, I will enjoy trying to create a home that is my husband and children's favorite place to be.

Join in with Kyrie this week!


Andonia Christina said...

I needed to read this today. Not only is so much mundane, and not only os the exhaustion of an infant debilitating, but I feel inept at so much of this work. But seeing the beauty in small things will hopefully be enough inspiration to continue on. I have a beautiful little basket for the fruit on my table, and I just cut out some cute wrapping paper to line the see-thru drawers that I have for my clothes in my doorless closet. Baby steps :)

elizabeth said...

yes; the children are only young once; it seems that a lot of the mother's dreams are put on hold for a bit for this... Hugs to you!

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