Tuesday, January 15

New Homemaking Goals...

Every so often, I find that I need to re-evaluate how I go about keeping our home clean and tidy. Here are some new goals I have come up with to help me improve my homemaking:

1. On the day before the garbage is picked up, find at least five things that can either be thrown out or given away. Put the give-aways into the car and get rid of them as soon as possible.

2. When going through the house to tidy each day (I do this three times a day), really focus on one of the bathrooms in the morning, the family room in the afternoon, and the kitchen in the evening. In this way, the three high-traffic areas will be maintained daily.

3. Fold laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

4. Focus on organizing and tidying one small space each day.

5. Involve my big girl in helping me throughout the day so that she can take pride in the home we are creating as a family.


Jen said...

Those goals are very doable and will most definitely make a HUGE difference! Thanks for helping to inspire me to always try to be better homemaker!


Courtney said...

I like number five. The latest thing I've been showing DS is how to make the bed. We make it a game and he helps by taking the pillows off, pulling up the blankets then putting the pillows back on the bed. It's really encouraging to have such a cheerful and eager helper during the day, and it inspires me to be cheerful too.

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