Saturday, January 12

How to be a Classic Beauty...

As received in the Besame Cosmetics Newsletter...

1. Classic women never wear highly trendy clothes. They wear classic pieces such as a simple black dress with a striking accessory, a colorful scarf or a set of pearls. Purchase pieces to fill your wardrobe with clothes that will not go out of style next season and truly express who you are.

2. Do not be afraid of strong color: Bright colors selectively placed will make your face more youthful and add more vitality to your look. There is a reason why our ancestors were so enamored with rouge. Select your best feature to highlight and keep the rest of the face light and clean.

3. Your eyes are strong communicators and therefore should be well framed. Invest time to groom your brows correctly. Do this yourself with stencils and tweezers or use a professional to do them for you.

4. How you eat truly shows in your complexion. Raw foods, fruits, and vegetables make skin almost glow from the inside, with a fresh dewy texture that make-up cannot duplicate. Eating well is the best way to maintain your looks, and it does not require investing in any creams or expensive procedures.

5. Follow your hair's natural color and texture to keep styling time to a minimum. Always aim for a shiny, healthy style. Consult a hairdresser to figure out what style will suit your face and be the easiest way to maintain your hair.

6. Keep nails and toenails looking prim and proper. A simple French manicure is always elegant. Lighter shades will coordinate with any outfit.

7. Find the classic colors that look best with your complexion and eye color. For example:

  • Blue Eyes: Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Light Green, Grey-White, Black, Turquoise, Blue-Purple, Dark Red.
  • Brown Eyes: Any Pink, Charcoal, Any Dark Color, Gold, Green.
  • Green Eyes: Green, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Black, Brown, Off-White
8. Look for eye shadow and blush that complement your skin tone. Try plum shades for green eyes, rose for brown and peach for blue. Warm tones complement skin with yellow, peach or olive tones. Cool tones complement skin with pink tones.

9. You can achieve multiple looks with a few colors of lip gloss. These basic colors work well on most women: Beige, Pink, Red, and Clear. Tones of beige for a professional look, pinks and magenta for casual everyday colors, reds for formal occasions, and clear for any other times. A lip liner in a similar tone as your lip gloss applied all over the lips will give the gloss stying power.

10. Smile. Classic women always seem to be in a good mood. Smile to people and you will feel better instantly no matter how your day is going.

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