Wednesday, October 31

Test Your Knowledge of Church History...

This quiz is going to appear in the bulletin this Sunday (shh... you're getting a sneak peek!). My husband has taken all of the questions from the class that he taught this past Monday, Orthodoxy 101: Pentecost - 4th century. Topics that were covered included Pentecost, Relations with the Jews, Apostolic Missions, Early Church Structure, New Testament Scriptures, Persecution under Roman Empires, and Saint Constantine the Great.

Orthodoxy 101 - Quiz One

  1. Who was the first Christian martyr?
  2. What emperor falsely blamed Christians for the great fire which broke out in Rome in 64 AD?
  3. What did the Gnostics claim to have that they said even the Apostles didn't?
  4. When was the first time the books of the New Testament were listed as we have them today?
  5. Who issued the Edict of Milan? What did this do for Christianity?
  6. According the Acts of the Apostles, who presided at the Council of Jerusalem in 50 AD: The Apostle Peter, Paul or James?
  7. True or False: In the early Church, Confession was public.
  8. In What year was Jerusalem destroyed by Emperor Titus?
  9. According to the Didache, "The Teaching of the Apostles" (100 - 120 AD), what do Christians do on Wednesdays and Fridays?
  10. Who was the only of the twelve Apostles not to be martyred?
Post your answers in the comments section! I will put up the answer key in a few days!


Alicia said...

Okay. Without a refresher or the use of google here are my guesses..errr...answers.
3)proof of the resurrection - total off the wall guess - I have no idea
4)AD 300-something?
5)?Constantine - made it a nominal state religion
8)AD 70
9)abstain from meat

That was a lot of guessing. Hope I get points for bravery - it's been a long time. I need to send my husband over here to take this. He loves this period of history and would probably ace your little quiz. :^)

Laura said...

Oh, dear! I scrolled past the above answers so I'm doing this on my own.

1) Stephen
2) Nero
3) Not sure of this -- maybe a gospel written by Christ?
4) after the council of Nicea???
5) Constantine, and it made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire.
6) Peter
7) True???
8) 70 A.D.
9) fast???
10) John

Well, as evidenced by all the ???s, I'm on rather uncertain ground. ;) This is an area I need to study up on!

Mimi said...

I'm also going off memory without refreshing or Googling - please forgive my errors.

1) St. Stephen
2) Nero
3) Matter is bad?
4) Council of Nicea?
5) St. Constantine. Legalized it
6) St. Paul
7) True (Yikes!)
8) 70AD
9) fast
10) St. John.

Mimi said...

I'm adding a comment so I can check the "reponse is emailed to me" box, thanks!

handmaidmary-leah said...

St Stephan
Perfect Knowledge
St Athanasius listed them- 4th century
St Constantine the Great- Christianity legal
St James the less
70 ad
St John the Theologian

Anonymous said...

Here are my guesses and answers:

1. St. Stephen
2. Nero
3. secret knowledge of the faith
4. 367, St. Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria
5. Constantine - legalized Christianity
6. St. James
7. true
8. 70 AD
9. fast
10. St. John

Anonymous said...

I know a "few" of these...but will wait for your answers for the rest. :)

1. Stephen
2. Nero
7. True
10. John

Kyriaki said...

Oooh :) Quiz!

A humble catechumen's go at the answers:
1. St Stephen
2. Nero
3. Um..secret knowledge?
4. One of the councils but I don't remember which
5. No idea
6. St James, I think
7. True (yikes)
8. AD 70
9. Fast
10. St John the Evangelist

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