Wednesday, October 17

A Homemaker's Wardrobe...

Recently Lynn left a comment for me asking for a list of a basic wardrobe for a homemaker. Though I have my own idea of what works well for a woman who spends most of her time tending to her family, I thought that it would be interesting to see what other homemakers would put on their list for a basic homemaker's wardrobe. I will put my list in this post and you can put yours in the comments section or on your own blog. Just remember to leave a comment so we get to read your list too!

A Homemaker's Basic Wardrobe

  • Delicates in a nude shade - wearing only nude undergarments takes the guesswork and potential for disaster out of dressing. if you are wearing nude underwear, you don't have to worry that your undergarments are on display.
  • Stockings, tights, and socks - make sure that you have plenty of each of these items. They are used quite often and it is always a headache to realize that you don't have something you need because everything is dirty or ripped.
  • Slips - Though these are not really "in fashion" right now, neither is a see-through skirt!
  • Plenty of knit shirts (polos, tees, etc.) - when you are at home cleaning, cooking, gardening, and taking care of children (especially babies) it is inevitable that you will end up with a spill on your shirt. If you find a top that looks wonderful on you, buy as many as you can afford! Basic shirts are the staple of a homemaker's wardrobe!
  • Sweaters - purchasing several flattering sweaters (whether they be button front or pullover) can really improve the look of a plain top and bottom.
  • Nice tops - If you tend to wear a lot of skirts, try to find seeral "nicer" shirts to wear to church, dinner parties, etc. When you need to dress up a bit, tee-shirts just won't cut it!
  • Skirts and/or Trousers - purchase bottoms in durable, yet attractive materials. Some ones to consider are: corduroy, chino, linen, cotton, knit materials, and even some that are mixed with a bit of a stretch. Find out which silhouette looks best on you and stick with it!

Jackets and Outerwear
  • Jackets - Wearing a jacket with a good, flattering shape really adds a lot to basic outfits! Purchase one in a color and weight you can wear for several seasons
  • Outerwear - Think about your whole wardrobe and environment before purchasing a coat. Is your style dressy? You might like a wool coat. Favor a sporty look? A parka might be best for you. Live in a windy, cold place? Look for something stylish, yet warm.
  • Dressy shoes
  • Boots
  • Casual shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Jewelry
  • Scarves, shawls, hats, gloves
  • Handbag
  • Grownup hair accessories
  • Choose a color palette and stick to it as much as possible. If you do this, everything will go together!
  • Avoid clothing that needs to be dry cleaned!
  • Iron your clothing!!
  • Don't wear shorts!


Darcy said...

Good list! I can think of only 2 things to add to it. The first is an apron to protect your clothes while you are cooking. I have saved myself countless stains this way. The second is a pair of slippers. I prefer to not wear shoes when I am in the house. I used to just go stocking foot but that wears the bottoms of socks out so quickly. I recently was in Target and found some really cute knitted mary jane style slippers that I really like for only a few dollars.

Courtney said...

I think your list looks good. I like having lots of neutrals for layering. I'm like you: when I find a good bottom or top in "my style," I buy as many as I can!

Regarding slips (and I know this will make me sound like an old lady), I like to wear culotte slips or pettipants. They seem a little more modest to me, especially when running around after littles and spending a lot of time sitting on the floor.

Courtney said...

Oh, good thought, Darcy! I forgot about slippers! I wear a pair of slip-on Skechers now for a little more support.

I haven't found a good apron yet, but I really want a heavy duty one to wear while cleaning!

Mimi said...

Good post, Emma. I put my list on my blog. It's very similar to yours.

Mandy said...

What a great list! I think you covered pretty much everything! I definitely agree with choosing a color palette and sticking to it. That makes it so much easier to mix-and-match different pieces.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for answering my question!


nannykim said...

Neat ideas--and food for thought--thanks. I wanted to make a statemeant about shawls (you have it listed). I have found I love shawls--when I visited Italy everyone had them and sold them. They come in such a variety and I wear them with everything (Including jeans --I know, I know, some of you only wear dresses...but well I do wear them). I love shawls for church too when the air conditioning is too cool--I even love them for napping!! They make everything look a little more dressy too!

The Chatty Housewife said...

This is a great list. My colors are black, denims, gem tones and a few fun bright patterned tops. I agree that slips are crucial as are nude and black colored camisoles for layering under shirts that might be too low in the neckline, or have buttons that create gaps.

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