Wednesday, October 17

Hands and Fingers...

People never know what to do with their hands. Remember, if your hands are free and not gesturing, hold them at waist level, slightly touching.

The following things are also important to know:
  • Hands should not be overused in conversation - it creates an unintended distraction.
  • Hands should be kept in a relaxed postion until you wish to emphasize a point.
  • Do not fidget by playing with your rings, nails, hands, pens - or fixing your clothes - it distracts and disturbs others. Most importantly, it takes away from what you are saying.
If you are in a situation where you have a drink in your hand and you will be greeting people with a handshake, try to hold the drink in your left hand. As you shake hands with your right hand, it will not feel clammy to others due to the wet glass.

Fingers are very important. A very feminine message can be conveyed through your hand movements. Your thumb and middle finger need to come together when you reach. In order to arrive at the correct position, imagine you are picking up a a tissue.

Fingers are extremely sensual and can be used to enhance your image as an elegant and sophisticated woman. By making some minor adjustments to everyday positions, a major change can occur in your everyday appearance. For instance, when resting your chin on your hand, make sure not t have a clenched fist. it sends the message that you are aggressive (whether intentional or not). However, by slightly opening your hand and resting your chin on your fingers, you immediately appear softer and more feminine; someone who is interested in the other person's point of view and open to interaction.

-Text from the UdefineU Reference Guide
-Photograph from All-Posters

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