Wednesday, October 31

Grandma Judy's Potato Salad...

I am sure that my grandmother, mother, or aunts can give a more detailed recipe for this potato salad than I can, but I will try! My version of the recipe is very ambiguous and relies on the cook's taste buds to check for the right amount of seasoning!


Potatoes (I like red skinned ones)
White Vinegar


First, peel and cut up desired amount of potatoes. Put in a large pot and cover with cold water. Sprinkle in a little salt and bring to a boil. Potatoes should be cooked through approximately 10-15 minutes after water boils. While potatoes are cooking, chop up two to three stalks of celery and peel and onion. Once the potatoes are nearly done, put three to four heaping spoonfuls of mayonnaise into a sauce pan on medium-low heat. Add vinegar and whisk (I probably add about 1/4 -1/3 of a cup, but we like our salad very vinegary) until mixture resembles thick milk. Drain potatoes and put into a large bowl. Add celery, salt, and pepper to taste. Pour dressing over the potatoes. Using the finest blade on your grater, grate some onion on top. Mix well and taste to see if you need more vinegar, salt, pepper, or onion. Chill and enjoy!

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