Tuesday, August 25

The Little Joys...

Grandfather Bear and I were chatting today and he told me about an article he read that reported on a study on stress reducers.  According to the University of Sussex, reading something engrossing (for just 6 minutes) reduces stress by 68 percent, listening to music by 61 percent, enjoying a mug of tea or coffee reduces stress by 54 percent, and taking a walk by 42 percent.  

In our fast-paced world, it is easy to feel stressed, but what I love about this study is that it proves that the anecdote to the frenzy is the simple things in life.  It is so easy to listen to a little music while making a meal, enjoy a little tea or coffee break in the afternoon while the children play, take a little stroll in the twilight, or snuggle down with a good book just before turning out the lights.  These soothing little moments in a wild day, can really make the difference, don't you think?


Lisa Sutherland said...

They sustain me.

Lisa Sutherland said...
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willfulmina said...

I have tried very hard all week to take two walks a day. The first is very early in the morning by myself. The second is longer, with the whole family later in the day. It has made a huge difference in my week!

elizabeth said...

this makes a lot of sense!!!

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Cassidy said...

I have been failing in taking walks, but find time daily for reading, tea, and music. Lately, I have found if I can knit at least a couple rows a day I'm way less stressed as well.

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