Tuesday, August 4

Living and Learning: This Week...

Church in the Home
We are only a few days into The Dormition Fast, but it's zipping right along since it is only two weeks long.  Transfiguration (one of our favorite feasts!) is on Thursday, so we'll be buying a few different varieties of grapes to have blessed following Liturgy.  We'll be going through our festal learning basket for Transfiguration the next few days.

While at the library for a summer reading show last week, I came upon Design Mom's book, How to Live with Kids.  It was a fun read!  I loved looking at some of the homes of women that I follow on blogs and Instagram with the great photographs in this book and the ideas for organization and decoration were really superb.  I have already gone through the boys' room decluttering and I have plans to get the children's drawings and paintings up in the playroom using one of Gabrielle's ideas for displaying art work.  

We will be tuning in for the Republican Primary Presidential Debate on Thursday evening.  It should be interesting!   

Kitchen, Pantry, Table
Just a day after The Dormition Fast began, Alicia Paulson's blog post contained photos of a blueberry custard pie and I cannot wait for August 15th to get down to business in the kitchen and bake one!  Alicia's Sour Cream Apple Pie is my absolute favorite dessert and I have a feeling that this bluebery custard pie is going to be amazing! 

Have you seen that Jockey now makes fancy bras?  My sister, Anna, got me to look at them this past Saturday and I ended up snapping one up.  They are amazing bras and I can't believe that I didn't try them sooner.  I love the comfortable fit and will definitely be getting a few more!


Alinadel said...


elizabeth said...

lots of good stuff here! yay! I should try that blueberry dish... I so wish our calendars were the same... this not being on the same one, it gets old, you know?

Katya said...

Can you share where you found that wonderful, beautiful puzzle? I love it!!!!

MamaBirdEmma said...

You can get the puzzle on Amazon:


We love it!!

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