Monday, August 31

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...

Church in the Home
Tomorrow (September 1st) is the Church New Year!  Have a look at Father Andrew Stephen Damick's Resolutions for Orthodox Christians and try to incorporate them into your life this year.   

Kitchen, Pantry, Table
This afternoon I made chocolate chip cookies.  I was feeling a little blue and baking always helps to make me feel better.  My favorite recipe for these treats is right on the back of the chocolate chip bag.  Yum!

I pinned a little treasure trove of stories of Motherhood Around the World that were posted on the blog A Cup of Jo.  There are over twenty different families featured to read through and I think that you'll really enjoy them!

Sugar Plum and I are fascinated by ballet and enjoyed watching First Position, a documentary from a few years ago.  It details the journey of six ballet students who compete in the Youth America Grand Prix.  We really enjoyed learning the stories of these young dancers.  It is available on Netflix and I also noticed that it was available at our local library to borrow.

My sister and I were able to visit an IKEA on our trip to Atlanta, Georgia last month and had a great time.  Our mom is setting up her pre-school classroom at her new school and we're hoping to take her on a little excursion to the Swedish superstore to find some organizational items for her classroom.  My wish list is pretty modest...  I'll show you what I end up finding later in the week.   


Katya said...

LOVE Ikea!! I have been window shopping on their website all week, and my hubby is afraid to take me shopping there, haha :-) My wishlist is modest too, though!

elizabeth said...

oh so glad you are taking your Mom there!!! it's a huge experience! thinking of you and sending love!

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