Monday, August 17

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...


When I sat down with my knitting on Saturday night to watch a little television and knit, I discovered that the remote for our Amazon Fire was missing (our favorite way to watch Netflix, YouTube, and Prime videos).  We've looked all over and cannot find it.  Today I took the whole living room apart and cleaned under couches and sorted through baskets, cleaned the floor, and dusted all the corners in an effort to locate it.  Things are pretty topsy-turvy here after our busy summer, so I think that I will used this week to really clean things up while I search for the remote.  I've already found lots of lost things (a huge pile of Legos, several blocks missing from a set, lots of pennies, a ruler, and a screwdriver).

I spotted a quick blurb about the book, The Awakening of Miss Prim, on the Amongst Lovely Things Facebook page.  I've read about half of it and must say that it is wonderful!  A lyrical piece of fiction that mentions the writings of Saint John Chrysostom, Rublev's Holy Trinity, Simonos Petros, among others is such a wonderful treat!  

Kitchen, Pantry, Table
It's all about the peaches and nectarines in our kitchen this week!

My favorite tee shirts are back in stock at Target and I ordered three (two xavier navy and one  Kelp green).  I already have several black and white ones (as well as a few striped from several seasons ago).  Do you like to buy multiples of clothing that you like?

I downloaded iHeartRadio onto my phone this past week and have been listening to my favorite New York radio stations ever since.  I am a huge fan of the Pandora app, but it is nice to mix it up a bit and hear some commentary from the radio personalities that I grew up with.  We've been listening to the radio at a low volume at breakfast time and it adds such a nice ambiance to our morning activities.


Anonymous said...

I put The Awakening of Miss Prim on hold at our library after reading this and reading the reviews. It sounds wonderful! I can't wait to pick it up. Thanks for so many good book recommendations.

Katya said...

Since you are tall, I am assuming that those t-shirts are nice and long and cover up your torso? I always have a problem with too-short shirts. But being pregnant I don't think I'll buy any of these to try until I stop growing a belly. :-) It was comforting to hear that my house isn't the only topsy-turvy one! We have too many things to go through at the moment. I'm working on 15 minutes a day to avoid going completely bonkers!

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