Friday, December 14

Small Changes Make a Big Difference...


After Staining

A Better Representation of the Color!
We have had these nice little cubbies for years now, and I have never felt the need to stain them.  We bought them at Michael's Craft Store and stuck baskets inside to sort our toys (Legos, wooden blocks, baby toys, musical instruments, and farm pieces).  I love that they are just the right height for little ones to explore and for several years, we have displayed seasonal and/or festal items on top of the middle cubby.  

Yesterday, Miguel (our church's handyman), came over to stain some built-in cabinets in the church and I had a flash of inspiration!  The unfinished cubbies!  We quickly spread on some stain and one coat of sealer and voila!  A whole new look that really compliments our floor, the baskets, and the toys!  I really like how it looks and wish that I had done it earlier!


elizabeth said...

wow! that looks really great! yay!!

Anna said...

I love these cubes, and always seem to find a new place in our home for more of them :) I keep saying I will get around to staining them! Love the way your turned out

Clayton Pearlstein said...

They turned out lovely. Nice job! Would you mind sharing some of the brands of your children's toys? Like the duck pond? I have never seen anything like that, it is so sweet. (Brooke, the wife :)

Anonymous said...

i asked for these for MY birthday next month ... they are at Target ... but I don't think they're unstackable. yours are so gorgeous with your gorgeous toys ... mine, however, will mostly hold Legos, Toy Soldiers, and Star Wars. :) Oh well.

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