Sunday, December 16


Nelly Piggot knew that it was going to be another busy day in The Fuchsia Bush, and had arrived especially early to make the cakes and scones that would be needed.  The High Street was bursting at the seams with people who looked increasingly harassed the closer it for to Christmas.  By mid-morning, the tea-room would be full of exhausted shoppers who had decided they couldn't face another moment without a restorative cup of coffee and a piece of lemon drizzle cake or a warm scone and butter.  

Then there would be lunches.  The Fuchsia Bush didn't have a large menu.  There was always the 'soup pf the day', something wholesome at this time of year. served with a home-baked crusty bread.  Nelly had prepared some creamed fish today as one of the two main courses - it was funny how 'fish on Fridays' was still an accepted ritual - and there was also steak and ale pie, which was always a great favorite with the men."

Miss Read

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