Wednesday, December 26

A Partridge in a Pear Tree...

The Children in Our Parish Kissing the Cross After the Midnight Liturgy for Nativity

On the First Day of Christmas we remember The Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos

1.  Read (or retell) pages 16 and 17 in Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Read any other books your family may have on the Mother of God.

2.  Enjoy pears today!  We might add them to a fancy salad for lunch!

3.  Place an Icon of the Mother of God in a prominent place.  It would be nice to add one to the centerpiece on the dining room table, on your feastday table, or in the icon corner 

4.  Spend time together as a family.  Play games or work on puzzles together, find good places for presents that were received and organize a box of things to give to others (gifts that cannot be used and items that are no longer needed) or to donate, craft or bake together, etc.

5.  Watch a good Christmas or religious movie together with delicious snacks!  Our children watched several selections from Jesus of Nazareth with us (with of course, lots of  commentary!).


Using Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas  as a framework, I am going to plan little activities and readings for the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Because of family obligations (we have two family parties back-to-back these next two days) and church events (Metropolitan Tikhon is visiting our parish this coming weekend!), we will not get to everything.  However, it will  be nice to refer to these Christmas Learning Baskets in future years.  Also, I would love to hear your suggestions for things to add...  this is a work in progress!

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Lindsey Gallant said...

Thanks so much for these posts! We are Pentecostal Christians looking for ways to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. (We have been slowly but surely incorporating more of the liturgical year into our lives. We have begun our own Advent traditions, and now we'd like to add some for the 12 days!) It's so interesting to see how you celebrate, and it's got some ideas brewing in my head for our own family.

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