Sunday, June 10

From House to Church: The First Baptism and Liturgy!

The Godparents and Their Little God-daughter

Father John Blessing the Baptismal Water

Anointing with the Oil of Gladness

Waiting for the Baptism

Prayers just before Baptism


Blessing the Baby's Cross

Blessing the Baby's Cross

Newly Baptized

Newly Baptized

The Liturgy

In Line for Holy Communion

Receiving Holy Communion

The Altar

In line for Holy Communion

My Niece Ready for Holy Communion


elizabeth said...

Many years to the newly illumined! Beautiful pictures!!! How exciting to have one's first liturgy in the new church!!! Many years to you all! :)

Monica said...

Awesome baptism pic with the water in motion.

Anna said...

beautiful pix! love to see those little ones go in the water, what a joyous celebration

Michelle said...

Congrats on your "firsts"! What a sweet baby.

Michelle M. said...

How beautiful! Many years to the newly illumined and many years to your parish! How exciting.

Jane G Meyer said...

When you were posting all of these photos of the last phases of building your church and the final move in I was too busy to comment. But now, I am able to come back to this wonderful time in the history of your parish and rejoice with you yet again and offer some words of excitement for all you've accomplished, and for how God has blessed you.
Yay! Glory be to God! What wonderful, beautiful work you've all done....

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Could you provide subtitles of what's happening for those of us who aren't Greek Orthodox? :)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Annon! I've filled captions in!

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