Friday, June 15


After dinner is over, the children help me tidy up the dining room and kitchen and then we head to the bathroom for bathtime.  After getting everyone into the tub, I sort the clean clothing that I washed earlier in the day.  I put away everything except for Sugar Plum and Little Man's clothing (they put their own things away after they get jammied up), lay out everyone's pajamas, pick out books for story time, and generally tidy up in the bedroom and bathroom.  Once the children finish their bath and get ready for bed, we read a few books, say our evening prayers, get blessings from Papa, and lots of kisses and hugs.  I rock the baby to sleep and then it is relaxing time for Papa and Mama!

Since the older children no longer take naps, we do our best to put them to bed by seven.  They spend a little time playing in their rooms before they drift off (though Sugar Plum is usually up a lot longer than Little Man!).  Once the children are in bed, Father John and I try to spend time together talking, watching something on television, reading, etc.  It is nice to decompress after a long day!


Marie said...

I am very curious about the Orthodox religion after reading your blog .
Can you explain the things in the picture on this post?
What is the small vile? What is the candle. It looks liquid?
It all looks very lovely and homey.
Your evening ritual is quite nice.

MamaBirdEmma said...

You've given me a good idea for a post on icon corners, Marie!

Briefly, the picture is called an icon and the person in it is Mary, the Mother of God with Baby Jesus. The tall thing with a metal on it is a candle holder with a metal icon of the Virgin Mary on it (there is a thin beeswax candle stuck in it). The small box is a box of matches and the candle is an oil lamp. It is basically a glass filled with olive oil, and a floating wick. This particular icon corner is my father-in-law's.

Elissa Hay said...

Thanks so much, Matushka, for this little series on the rhythm in your home. I have two wee ones (2 yrs and 3 mo), and I am trying very hard to create a similar rhythm in our home. Bedtime has proven to be my biggest hurdle, because there seems to be more "variables" for us at that time of day. One late night out for a family dinner results in many more late nights... I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually :)
Anyway, thanks again for sharing!

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