Monday, June 11

Cleaning During the Apostles Fast...

Today begins the Apostles Fast in the Orthodox Church.  One of the things that I like to do during the four fasts of The Church (Great Lent, The Apostles Fast, Dormition Lent, and The Nativity Fast), is the clean our home thoroughly.  The first reason for this is practicality.  With three little ones, our home often gets a "lick and a promise" as the saying goes (this is doubly true with all of the construction debris flying around right now)!  My second reason for deep cleaning during these time of the year is spiritual.  It seems fitting to ready our home for these special feasts by cleaning and organizing, at the same time as we clean the cobwebs and dust off of our spiritual lives.  

Because The Apostles Fast varies in length each year, it is hard to have a plan that will fit year after year like my cleaning plan for Great Lent (which is always the same number of days).  This year, the fast is nineteen days, so I have broken up our house accordingly:

June 11:  Laundry Room
June 12:  Dining Room
June 13:  Kitchen
June 14: Playroom
June 15:  Office
June 16:  Entrance
June 17:  Sunday
June 18:  Half Bath and Guest Bathroom
June 19:  Boy's Room
June 20:  Girl's Room
June 21:  Sort Through Out-of Season Clothing
June 22:  Master Closet
June 23:  Goodwill Drop Off
June 24: Sunday
June 25: Master Bathroom
June 26:  Master Bedroom
June 27:  Tidy Yard and Porch
June 28:  Clean Sweep of House
June 29:  The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul


Courtney said...

Aw, you got the Jeremy Fisher set too! J loves his special dishes!

priest's wife - S.T./ Anne Boyd said...

you are so encouraging....I have to get cleaning, too!

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