Sunday, January 15


But I love snow," Irene insisted. She coaxed her mother into bed, covered her with two quilts, and added a blanket for her feet. Then she fixed her some tea with lemon and honey and put more wood in the stove.

With great care, Irene took the splendid gown down from the dummy and packed it in a big box with plenty of tissue paper.

Dress warmly, pudding," her mother called in a weak voice, "and don't forget to button up. It's cold out there, and windy."

Brave Irene
William Stieg


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Jeannine said...

This looks like a lovely book...are all the illustrations as gentle as the cover?

Reminds me of my eldest son who never wants to come in from the snow! "I'm not cold, Mom!"

Your blog is lovely. How interesting to be a Priest's wife. We are Roman Catholic, so a little difference there...looking forward to reading more of your blog. I'm going to see if my library has this book!

Thank you for sharing!

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