Friday, January 27

Children's Simple Spring Wardrobes...

I know this is early, but we have been having an unseasonably warm winter here! With some spring things starting to show up in the shops, I was inspired to work on our lists this evening.

We have been having great success with the pared down wardrobes that we have been using the past few seasons. Though we could probably eliminate one or two of the dresses/skirts/pants/shirts, I am comfortable with the amount that we have for each child... occasionally, we have days when laundry isn't done, and if we have a few extra things to wear that doesn't become a big deal. I think that babies need more, while big kids might need less. My children tend to like to wear the same things over and over, so this works for us!

Here is what our children's wardrobes will consist of this spring:

Sugar Plum
5 Dresses
2 Skirts
3 Tops

Little Man and Button
7 Bottoms (we really like roll up pants best)
7 Tops

Everyone Has:
1 Dressy Outfit (which we will get for Pascha [Easter]... will become our go-to Sunday outfit after Pascha)
Lots of leggings, tights, socks, undies, and undershirts (these are the hardest for me to keep up with!)
2 - 3 pairs of pajamas
2-3 sweaters and fleece jackets
1 rain coat
1 pair of rain boots
1 pair of sandals (we are going to try Salt-Water Sandals for everyone... I feel like they will eliminate the need for Sunday shoes and a casual sandal for everyday)
1 pair of slippers for chilly mornings and evenings


Are you planning your warm weather wardrobes yet?


Courtney said...

I've started to think about it a little bit as I had to shop for shorts for Big Brother's indoor soccer season. We've typically done 7-10 outfits plus one dressy, but I'm thinking that this year I'd like to pare down to 5-6 for everyday, one for errands/playgroups (no playing in mud allowed!), and one dressy.

Shana said...

I live in the South so I have been thinking about this since Christmas with our unseasonable warm weather also. We use around the same amounts as you mentioned, but include 2-3 sets of playclothes. We have red clay in the backyard, which stains easily- so it is necessary to have playclothes. Do you have designated outside/backyard clothes aside from your list? If so how many?

MamaBirdEmma said...

I really don't have clothing that is specifically meant for outside play, but I have determined that rain boots will be worn a lot more than they have in the past. We have woods on the church's property and so exploring is much more messy than it was in a development. I may have to rethink play clothes as times goes on.

Maria said...

Are you doing skirts only for Sugar Plum? I'm thinking about transitioning the girls (now that I am skirts only, 99% of the time) but I'm just not sure about it yet.

Jeannine said...

So happy someone else does this! I have a list for the children, and one for me. It doesn't really change. My older children wear uniforms to school, so we do with a bit less.

I did try skirts/dresses only for a while, but found I had become judgmental and was giving it much too much thought. Now I wear what's modest and nice, which does tend toward dresses and skirts in the spring and summer, but is mainly pants in the winter. In warm weather, my daughter wears lots of leggings and tunics or sundresses, although sometimes pants would be convenient. I sewed her her first pair of jeans this fall, with ruffled bottoms and an elastic waist, and she seems okay about wearing them when needed.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Maria, Sugar Plumis pretty much exclusively skirts and dresses. It really is only her preference though. WhileI wear pants in the cooler months, I have been seriously consider going to skirts only because I like the look better. I have long legs and a narrow waist, so it is sometimes hard to find pants that flatter.

Maria said...

I do skirts only because I have such a a boyish figure and short hair. But for the girls I was thinking it would help instill a real sense of feminine dress that I didn't have growing up.

Courtney said...

I was thinking more about playclothes and DUH! I don't know why I didn't mention that each of the boys has rain pants or a rain suit. I have them from 18 months up to about size 8. Ours are various brands, including LL Bean which are reasonably priced and wear very well. Throwing on rain pants and boots has saved us many a time!

Jill said...

I love the suggestions about how many clothes per season. I was just going thru our clothes thinking we have too many sleepers or too worn out shirts.

I, too, have noticed that skirts are much more flattering on my shape than pants. Skirts surely help minimize the caboose. And also, you don't need to change out of your jeans before vespers. One less thing to do to get the whole family ready. :)

However, I have a hard time finding skirts that aren't frumpy for casual times. Where are everyone's favorite places to shop?

Secondly, what tips do you have for wearing skirts and still playing on the floor with your kids? I want to be modest, and behave like a lady, but I also want to cuddle reading books or play silly games. Tips?

Lastly, I think these dresses are SO CUTE on my 2 year old.
Cozy, fun to play it. Great for kids....but have you ever seen anything like for adults?
Or perhaps can you post or share the favorite parts of your wardrobe?

Thanks everyone for sharing. :)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Jill,

My favorite stores are: JJill, Lands End, and Gap. I have also found many skirts at Marshalls that are nice.

My favorite types of skirts are stretchy knit ones. Often when I am playing with my little ones, I can sit any way that is modest and comfortable and a stretchy skirt just goes with the flow, so to speak.

Unfortunately, I have not seen any of the Lands End knit dresses made for women recently. I know that they used to make them, though! Perhaps ebay has some for sale.

Oh, I just thought of a shop that you might like: April Cornell!

Hope that helps! Thank you for being patient with me and waiting so long for a response!

Matushka Emily

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