Thursday, August 11

On My Bedside Table...

After weeks of feeling like I had nothing to read or watch on television, I am drowning now! I have Frontier House, Joy in the Morning, Mrs. Minever,Tom's Midnight Garden, and Diary of a Provincial Lady languishing in my library basket while I devour two much anticipated reads that just landed on my doorstep, Playful Learning and The Rhythm of the Family! I am also really longing to re-read Simplicity Parenting soon. I need to finish up Tom and Mrs. Minever before I work on anything else though.

What are you reading?


Matushka Anna said...

(the childrens books I posted about earlier plus...)

C.S. Lewis: Reflections on the Psalms and The Dark Tower
How to Survive Hearing Loss
Coping with Hearing Loss
Roar from the Heavens
Hurricane Almanac
Hurricanes and their Impacts

Joy said...

I pre-ordered Playful Learning, but it hasn't arrived here yet! It looks very inspiring, and I can't wait to see it!

I did just get The Handmade Home, and I'm looking forward to making some of the projects from it.

Courtney said...

I just texted you to see if you'd gotten The Rhythm of the Family yet! LOL! I've been reading The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers and re-reading Simplicity Parenting. I also just bought The Well-Educated Mind, but I haven't started it yet. We have a playgroup/discussion group this morinng for Raising Your Spirited Child, but I haven't finished it yet.

angela said...

I have playful learning and rhythm of family in my cart on amazon. and i LOVE joy in the morning. i've read it more than once.
happy reading!

amy said...

All that you mention sound worthy of a good look - thanks for the recommendations. I am reading the Silmarillion, by Tolkien

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