Monday, August 29

Our Daily Rhythm...

When I first came home from the hospital after having had our little girl, I knew that I needed to have some sort of order to my day. I am, by nature, someone who waits until the last minute to do things and structure is one way that I can try to combat that tenancy.

Now that we have three children, a routine or rhythm to our day is necessary. I have found that our little ones seem to thrive on knowing what comes next in their day (though there is always room for fun surprises and little adventures!). Through the years, our routine has varied depending on what is happening in our life, and the big change of having a kindergartener who is learning at home has necessitated a revision to our routine. I spend lots of time this summer watching my children and thinking about how I want our days to flow, what I want to accomplish, and what I'd like the children to experience each day. With school starting on September first, we are going to dive right into our routine today. We are also going to have a speech class for Little Man twice a week starting the week of September 12th... so getting out of the house and getting there on time will probably be a bit of a challenge at first. I am sure that this routine will be tweaked here and there as the days progress. Hopefully though, it will help keep us on track!


  • Breakfast, Tidy the Kitchen, Laundry, Straighten the Bedrooms
  • Dress and Morning Prayers
  • Morning Walk or Off to Little Man's Speech Class
  • Morning Reading and Second Breakfast
  • School
  • Lunch, Tidy the Kitchen, Clean Up Messes
  • Afternoon Reading
  • Naptime
  • Afternoon Tea and Play
  • Cleaning
  • Dinner, Tidy the Kitchen, Clean Up Messes
  • Bathtime and Pajamas
  • Evening Reading
  • Prayers
  • Prepare for the Next Day


Courtney said...

So glad we aren't the only ones that do "second breakfast!" LOL!

Mari K. said...

I love "second breakfast"! We are following the Hobbits eating schedule from the LOTR movies. "What about second brakfast? What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper?"

amy said...

Your routine greatly inspires me. I need a routine in order to get anything done at all. Give me free time and I'll either read or play all day : )

...and 'me three' on the second breakfast! LOL

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