Tuesday, August 23

The Pillow Saga...

So, we have no throw pillows on our vast brown couches. And we haven't for months. With three children, unmentionable things happened to each of them at different time and they didn't survive the washing machine. I have been looking for pillows that I like around town, but haven't found much. Father John has requested that they have removable covers that can be washed and apparently, those are few and far between. We are planning our first family vacation in four years (Hooray!) and we have decided that the souvenir we want to come home with is pillows. I am leaning towards Pottery Barn since we have several blankets from there and I have loved the durability. My hope is that they will survive daily use by our family and live to tell the tale. I really want to create a cozy atmosphere this autumn and winter with a comfortable couch with soft pillows and warm throws.


Melanie said...

I have some lovely washable covers from IKEA, who sells their pillow forms and covers separately. I always get compliments as they look hand embroidered and people think I have made them myself. Also? They have survived everything my 4 kids have done to them, and I love the down pillow forms. Just a thought!

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