Tuesday, April 20

A Week in the Life: Tuesday...

.:Lunch at a Diner:.

.:Watching Sailboats:.


.:Pretty Stores:.

.:Barbecuing and Bike Riding at Twilight:.

.:Watching the Moon:.

Today was probably the most stressful and difficult day we've had as a family in a long time (Everyone is healthy and safe -except for the lingering colds!). Despite all of that, we know that things are all going to be okay. Our children were so good today and it was wonderful to come home too late to make Beef Stroganoff and just fire up the grill for burgers. The little ones rode their trikes around and we watched the moon before heading in for a late dinner with us all seated around the table.

Now I'm off to smear Vicks Vapor Rub on my feet to prevent coughing tonight:)


elizabeth said...

wow. would not of known it was a stressful day! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and sorry to hear it was a stressful day at least you made something out of it by enjoying the late night with your children and husband.

Michelle M. said...

Sorry you had such a stressful day! Mine has been rough today and I am taking this opportunity to eat my lunch while I catch up on blogs :)

I hope today goes well!

Unknown said...

The sailboat picture reminds me of the dock in Annapolis, MD, where I used to live. So pretty!

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